Here are some questions you can ask family members about what their life was like when they were kids. 

1. What is your name and what are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters? How did your parents choose your name? Does it have a special meaning? Did you have any nicknames?

2. When and where were you born? 

3. What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young?

4. Who were some of your friends? What did you do with your friends?

5. What schools did you attend? What were your favorite subjects? Who were your favorite teachers?

6. Did you play sports?

7. Where have you lived?

8. Have you had jobs? Who did you work for and what did you do?

9. Did you belong to a church or a religion? 

10. Did you have holiday traditions? What do you do for the holidays?

11. What are some of your favorite things? Favorite colors? Favorite flowers? Favorite books? Favorite songs? Favorite foods? Favorite pets?

12. What trips or vacations do you remember? Which one was your favorite?