Harry V. Smeeman served as Ashland’s solitary police sergeant from 1922 to 1929, when he was shot and killed while patrolling the streets of Ashland.

Sgt. Smeeman was the elected town Sergeant, prided himself on finding ways to resolve conflicts peacefully, and rarely used a weapon. His compassion extended to Ashland’s homeless who often found a bed and hot meal in the town jail.

The initial investigation produced no suspects, and the town hired a private investigator to continue the investigation. Two indictments were later handed down, and one of the suspects was acquitted of Smeeman’s murder. The other suspect was never found. Smeeman’s murder remains unsolved.

Not only did Ashland lose a dedicated civil servant, but a husband and father were lost as well. He was survived by his wife, Lula, and their two daughters, Dorothy and Mildred. The plaza in front of the Ashland Police Department headquarters is named in his honor.