Joint Membership Meeting: 
Hanover County Historical Society and Ashland Museum

“The Decisions for War in 1914”
Speaker: Michael D. Krause, PhD

Sunday, June 28, 2015, 2:30pm
at the
Ashland Library, 201 S. Railroad Avenue, Ashland, VA 23005

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Attendees gathered at the Ashland Museum at 1:30pm to view the Museum’s new exhibit, Bringing in a New Century: 1900-1940.

The premise: One hundred years ago today, Europe was at peace. No war had occurred between European Great Powers for more than 44 years. Europe and the world were in balance. With this track record of peace, leaders expected peace to continue. How and why does war start in 1914? Why does a Serbian-supported terrorist assassination lead to the Great War? And, what are the lessons yet to be learned from these signposts of history? Krause will address these questions and more by looking at the decisions and actions of European leaders, the plot in Sarajevo, and other retrospective factors.

KrauseMichael D Krause is a former deputy commander of the US Army Center of Military History and instructor and the National War College. He retired as a colonel from the Ordnance Corps.  Colonel Krause received his PhD in modern European history from Georgetown University in 1968. He coauthored Theater Logistics and the Gulf War and co-edited On Operational Art.