These are members of the Lance and Bridle Club riding south down Virginia Street on March 24, 1940.  James E. Cobb, III donated this digital image to the Ashland Museum.

The tall smokestack on the left is the Randolph-Macon Utility stack that today serves mostly as a location for cell phone transmitters.  The house on the right is 203 Virginia Street, the current home of Janet and Richard Taylor and the antebellum home of John Pryor.  Another roof, barely visible to the north of 203 Virginia Street would have been 201 Virginia Street and we have Sanborn Insurance Map evidence that it was there as late as 1921. It is no longer there today.  The large building in the center to the north of the riders is located where the “Ford Building” is located today. The 1908, 1913, and 1921 Sanborn Insurance Maps show that entire lot empty, so it was built after 1921. It may be part of the “Ford Building.”

Anyone who can identify, or even tentatively identify, the riders, or who can give us more information about the history of the Lance and Bridle Club, should contact Rosanne Shalf at 798-3783,, or send us a message below.