Mr. Charles Stebbins had owned several businesses in Richmond before the Civil War. After the war, he chose to move his family permanently to what had been their summer home on Railroad Avenue in Ashland.

In 1883, his son, Charles, Jr., established a general store on the northwest corner of England Street and Railroad Avenue. A large awning that  faced Railroad Avenue and the tracks served as a local gathering spot, as you can see in the photo. To the side of the building is the “tie-lot” enclosed by a picket fence, where horses could be tied up while their owners shopped or conducted business in town. At one time, Stebbins Store was the biggest store around. The store was a landmark in the Ashland business district until the 1960s. This corner of the street is still called “Stebbins Corner” by some, even though the original store has been replaced by a one-story brick retail building.

You can see the old freight depot on the east side of the tracks, on the right edge of the photo. Notice the Model T in front of the Stebbins awning. There is also a telephone pole right in the middle of the photo, where one still stands today!