This photo shows the west side of the tracks, south of Thompson St. The Cox store is outside the photo frame to the right, at the corner of S. Railroad Ave. and Thompson St. As you can see, Railroad Ave. was not yet paved.

Meyberg’s, on the far right, has the store name on the roof line. Next to it are two similar-looking buildings. Both Hughes Drug and the building to its right were erected around 1901 by J.G. Hughes, pharmacist.¬† A cement plaque with the Hughes name is installed at the roof line of the left-hand building. The right-hand building housed the post office from about 1901 until 1941. Another commercial¬† building finishes off this row of commercial buildings.

All four buildings are still standing and are homes for commercial or retail businesses. A fifth building was even built in the narrow alleyway between Hughes Drug and the next building. A town parking lot now occupies the space where you see a wooden fence bridging a gap between two buildings.

Photo courtesy of H.A. “Gus” Miller.