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Oct 18 2022

Help Bring the Secretariat Monument to Ashland

Help Bring the Secretariat Monument to Ashland Your pledge to the Secretariat Monument will help make this happen.   Secretariat's breeder, Christopher Chenery, was raised in Ashland and attended Randolph-Macon College. Ashland would like to honor Triple-Crown Winner Secretariat by bringing this monument to Town. Currently the location of the monument is in the planning stage. It will be 1 -1/2 times life size. Read more about Secretariat in this article by Leeanne Meadows Ladin (SecretariatStory), [...]

Aug 19 2021

Exhibition – Crossroads: Change in Rural America

Crossroads: Change in Rural America Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street exhibition – co-hosted with Hanover Museum of History & Culture August 28-October 3, 2021 – Tuesday through Friday: 12-4 pm; Saturday: 10 am-2 pm; Sunday: 1-4 pm; and by appointment. Free. Exhibition will be in the new Hanover Museum of History & Culture,7496 County Complex County Rd., Hanover, VA 23069. “Crossroads” explores how rural American communities changed in the 20th century. The exhibition looks at that remarkable societal [...]

Nov 23 2018

Record your family story. Questions to ask a family member to get the story started.

Here are some questions you can ask family members about what their life was like when they were kids.  1. What is your name and what are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters? How did your parents choose your name? Does it have a special meaning? Did you have any nicknames? 2. When and where were you born?  3. What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young? [...]

Jun 7 2016

New Ashland Museum Sign

The Board poses with the Ashland Museum's new sign, now mounted at the front corner of the building. Look for it next time you are passing by 105 Hanover Ave. or visiting the Ashland Museum.

Aug 27 2015

Ashland Museum Inside Out funded in part by CultureWorks Championed by Altria

The Ashland Museum has launched a new initiative to bring the assets of the Museum into the Ashland community. Initial projects will include outdoor history exhibits, historic markers and walking tours guided by mobile apps. In August, 2015, Ashland Museum President, Rosanne Shalf made a presentation on the initiative to Ashland Town Council. A copy of the presentation (PDF) is linked below. Ashland Museum proposal 08-19-15 (PDF, 3MB). In August, 2015, this initiative titled, Ashland [...]

Aug 7 2015

Grant for New Outdoor Exhibits

Aug. 6, 2015. Scott Garka, CultureWorks President, awards a check for $5,350 to Rosanne Shalf, Ashland Museum President, for the Museum’s newest exhibit.  The award from CultureWorks, Championed by Altria will be combined with a CSX grant and other donations to create outdoor exhibits within and adjacent to Ashland’s Historic District making our story available anytime. One part of the exhibit will consist of  self-directed tours with historical information that visitors can access on a smart phone. [...]

May 14 2015

Bringing in a New Century: 1900-1940

In 1900, Ashland became a 20th century town, along with the rest of the country and the world. The new century brought many new challenges and new ideas. Visit the Ashland Museum to explore Ashland's journey from 1900 to 1940. Panels describe developments and challenges of the 1900-1940 era in Ashland, VA. Objects on display in the New Century exhibit include vintage irons, sewing patterns and clothing.

May 27 2014

Private Group Tours

Would your group like a private tour of the Museum or a Walking Tour of Ashland? Can't figure out what to do with the relatives this summer? Wedding weekend coming up? Having a family reunion in the area? Need a destination for the next club outing? Or, you just  have house guests in town for a long weekend? Why not get everyone out of the house and over to the Ashland Museum for a Museum [...]

Nov 13 2013

Ashland Reborn!: 1865-1900

Exploring the Schools, Churches, Residences and Businesses of the Post Civil War Era Follow the growth of Ashland in post Civil War era in the museum’s new exhibit. Now on display at the Ashland Museum.  Read about the development of public education in Ashland. See if you can help identify people in the school photo from the early 1880s. Learn how Ashland started with one community church and grew to nine churches. See the businesses [...]

Nov 1 2012

Documentary Film: “A Railroad Runs Through It”

The Ashland Museum new documentary film about Ashland, "A Railroad Runs Through It: The Unique History of a Virginia Train Town" premiered on Nov. 10, 2012 to great reviews from the audience at Ashland's Firehouse Theatre. Copies of the video on DVD are now available for sale at the Museum at $10. All proceeds from the sale of this DVD benefit the Ashland Museum. The title, “A Railroad Runs Through It,” is a nod to [...]

Nov 1 2012

Antebellum Resort to Civil War Town: Ashland Virginia from 1836 to 1865

The museum’s first exhibit, “Antebellum Resort to Civil War Town: Ashland Virginia from 1836 to 1865” takes visitors from Ashland’s beginnings as Slash Cottage railroad resort to its Civil War experience.  The exhibit includes a display of the Dawson family and the Civil War bullet they found in a fireplace while renovating an antebellum home on Railroad Avenue! There are period maps showing Civil War railroads in Central Virginia, including the RF&P railroad that runs [...]

Jul 18 2012

Volunteering at the Ashland Museum

VOLUNTEERING: We need volunteers! Use our Contact page if you are interested in helping out at the Museum. Below, we've listed some of the activities our volunteers get involved in. Help us keep the Museum and the Red Caboose open for visitors, 10 am-2 pm on Saturdays and 1:00 - 3:00 pm on Sundays. Volunteers work 2-hour shifts, in teams of 2 people per shift. We always need new volunteers to team with experienced Museum [...]

Sep 28 2011

Support the Museum with your Membership

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting the Ashland Museum! Please visit our Support page to learn how you can help the Museum. Your support will help us provide programs, keep the lights on at our Museum space and the Red Caboose, buy supplies to build exhibits and store archival materials, let the community know about the Museum project, and support this web site. Donations to the Ashland Museum, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible as [...]

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