Apr 7 2010

After 1923 – Railroad Avenue looking north

In 1920's, several new buildings have appeared in the commercial district. The first building visible at the left edge of the photo, on the south side of Thompson St., is the "new" Cox Department store. Today, the Ironhorse restaurant occupies the ground floor of this building. A Safeway Grocery is on the northwest corner of Railroad Ave and Thompson St. That location used to be a picket-fence enclosed lot for tying up horses next to [...]

Apr 7 2010

Ashland at the Turn of the Century

This photograph of Ashland's business district looking south from the intersection of Railroad and College Avenues was taken just after the turn of the century.  The passenger station on the left was built by the Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac railroad in 1866.  The tower supplied water for steam engines.  The freight depot is hidden by the water tower.  Frame shops are located on the east (left) side of the tracks beyond England Street, but across [...]

Apr 7 2010

Ashland’s Railroad Ave. circa 1866

This is a charming picture of Ashland printed in Harpers magazine in 1866 in an article about Ashland during the Civil War. Notice the tree-lined, single track through town. That would have to be the Baptist church on the left, now Hanover Arts and Activities Center. Notice the picket fences along the road and the unpaved streets.

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