Randolph-Macon College

Jan 18 2012

1918 – Influenza Strikes Ashland and the College Hard

While death in battle threatened our soldiers "Over There" during World War I, an outbreak of the influenza in 1918 threatened the lives of those at home. "Boys died like flies," recalled resident Nancy Shackelford. She remembered that the college doctor depended upon volunteer help to care for the students. "He said that half of those boys owed their lives to the women in Ashland who took their servants [to the college campus] and gave [...]

Sep 5 2011

Randolph-Macon College Comes to Town

Randolph-Macon College was founded in 1830 in Boydton, Virgina, near the North Carolina border and about 85 miles southeast of Lynchburg. The College was founded by the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Church. The names of John Randolph, a Virginia statesman, and Nathaniel Macon, a North Carolina statesman, were given to the college to dispel the notion that the school was to be only a sectarian one. Neither man was a Methodist. During the Civil [...]

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