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May 27 2010

The Battle of Ashland

Click on the map image for a close-up view. Hint: open in a new window and view the map side-by-side with the article. THE BATTLE OF ASHLAND happened June 1, 1864.  It involved Hanover Courthouse, Ellett’s Bridge over the South Anna River, and the Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad tracks.  It has largely been ignored by historians until recently, but it was important to those who experienced it.  The larger context of the [...]

Apr 7 2010

Dedication of Mural of Old Ashland

1953 Speech by Robert Lancaster at the dedication of the Mural of Old Ashland at the War Memorial. "In years Ashland is young—it is growing—its future holds great promise and those of us whose roots are deeply imbedded in its soil are proud of its past. We look backward to its beginnings and its accomplishments and from then gain confidence for the future and strength to face tomorrow..." - November 29, 1953

Apr 6 2010

Slash Cottage

Edwin Robinson amd the Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railway Company developed Slash Cottage as a mineral springs resort on land that is now occupied by Randolph-Macon College.  This 1854 lithograph of Slash Cottage mineral springs resort shows the hotel, ballroom, cottages, bathhouses, bowling alley, well, bar, kitchen and an octagonal gas house for lighting the buildings and grounds with acetylene gas.  What was called by many “The Hotel,” or “The Cottage,” was actually about 17 [...]

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