Feb 16 2024

Untold Stories 2024: Growing Up In Ashland/Hanover, Black and White Experiences

  A Program of Oral Histories   Sunday, February 25, 2024 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm   Patrick Henry High School 12449 W. Patrick Henry Rd. • Ashland, VA 23005   Come hear stories about growing up in Ashland and Hanover County from the 1940s through the early 1970s. This year's program will center around education experiences in Hanover schools. There will be six storytellers from around our county - including Roger Braxton Sr., Lou [...]

Oct 23 2023

2023 Holiday Guided Walking Tour & Reception

The Ashland Museum will lead a tour along the 1000 block South Center Street on Sunday, December 3. Walk along the first area the RF&P developed after establishing the resort property in the 1850s. Learn about some of the original homeowners and the architectural styles along the tracks. At the end of the tour, we’ll stop for a reception at 1009 S. Center St. This home was built in 1902 by John Pickney Wightman and [...]

Mar 19 2015

Ashland Musical Variety Show

Images of the Ashland Musical Variety Show from 1982-2007 The finale of the first Ashland Musical Variety Show, 1982, with Harold Wright, director/founder, center stage, and Sue Watson, director/founder, second from left standing.   Collage of images from the 2007 Ashland Musical Variety Show       Collage of images from Ashland Musical Variety Shows, 1982-2007 Collage of images from Ashland Musical Variety Shows, 1982-2007   [...]

Jan 18 2012

1918 – Influenza Strikes Ashland and the College Hard

While death in battle threatened our soldiers "Over There" during World War I, an outbreak of the influenza in 1918 threatened the lives of those at home. "Boys died like flies," recalled resident Nancy Shackelford. She remembered that the college doctor depended upon volunteer help to care for the students. "He said that half of those boys owed their lives to the women in Ashland who took their servants [to the college campus] and gave [...]

Jan 18 2012

World War I – Ashland Responds

On April 6, 1917, the United States entered World War I, and Ashland wanted to do its part. The Liberty Day Parade in April of 1918, raised funds for War Bonds. The parade culminated in a ceremony at the town lot where speeches, dinner and vaudeville entertained the crowd. Organizers held Liberty Day celebrations to encourage people to buy Liberty Bonds and War Saving Stamps so the government could pay for the war. Photos: The [...]

Apr 7 2010

Liberty Ladies

Louise Jones and her sister, Dorothy, were the original "Liberty Ladies" of Ashland.   They made special appearances at the 4th of July parades and the Ashland Musical Variety Shows.  Their nieces, Sarah Byrne and Sandra Lynne, took over their roles as "Liberty Ladies" to continue the tradition.

Apr 7 2010

Dedication of Mural of Old Ashland

1953 Speech by Robert Lancaster at the dedication of the Mural of Old Ashland at the War Memorial. "In years Ashland is young—it is growing—its future holds great promise and those of us whose roots are deeply imbedded in its soil are proud of its past. We look backward to its beginnings and its accomplishments and from then gain confidence for the future and strength to face tomorrow..." - November 29, 1953

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