Dec 6 2011

Lance and Bridle Club, March 1940

These are members of the Lance and Bridle Club riding south down Virginia Street on March 24, 1940.  James E. Cobb, III donated this digital image to the Ashland Museum. The tall smokestack on the left is the Randolph-Macon Utility stack that today serves mostly as a location for cell phone transmitters.  The house on the right is 203 Virginia Street, the current home of Janet and Richard Taylor and the antebellum home of John [...]

Jan 31 2011

Secretariat Has Links to Ashland

Secretariat, “America’s super horse” has taken the country by storm again with the recent inspiring true story movie and book. Secretariat was born at the Meadow in nearby Caroline County owned by Christopher T. Chenery. Chris, born Sept. 16, 1886, was the son of Ida and Jimmy Chenery and grew up as a boy in Ashland. They lived at 402 Duncan Street at the corner of Race Course Street, near the site of a former [...]

Jan 24 2011

Ashland Racecourse

At some point in the 1850's, the president of the Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Company, Edwin Robinson, established a racecourse in Ashland.  The only indication left of the racecourse is in a street name, “Race Course Street”  in the southwest part of town, perpendicular to the railroad tracks. Races were held at the Ashland Racecourse as late as spring 1860. Within a month of this ad, published in the Richmond Dispatch, May 28, 1860, [...]

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