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Nov 23 2018

Record your family story. Questions to ask a family member to get the story started.

Here are some questions you can ask family members about what their life was like when they were kids.  1. What is your name and what are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters? How did your parents choose your name? Does it have a special meaning? Did you have any nicknames? 2. When and where were you born?  3. What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young? [...]

Jun 7 2016

New Ashland Museum Sign

The Board poses with the Ashland Museum's new sign, now mounted at the front corner of the building. Look for it next time you are passing by 105 Hanover Ave. or visiting the Ashland Museum.

Aug 27 2015

Ashland Museum Inside Out funded in part by CultureWorks Championed by Altria

The Ashland Museum has launched a new initiative to bring the assets of the Museum into the Ashland community. Initial projects will include outdoor history exhibits, historic markers and walking tours guided by mobile apps. In August, 2015, Ashland Museum President, Rosanne Shalf made a presentation on the initiative to Ashland Town Council. A copy of the presentation (PDF) is linked below. Ashland Museum proposal 08-19-15 (PDF, 3MB). In August, 2015, this initiative titled, Ashland [...]

Aug 7 2015

Grant for New Outdoor Exhibits

Aug. 6, 2015. Scott Garka, CultureWorks President, awards a check for $5,350 to Rosanne Shalf, Ashland Museum President, for the Museum’s newest exhibit.  The award from CultureWorks, Championed by Altria will be combined with a CSX grant and other donations to create outdoor exhibits within and adjacent to Ashland’s Historic District making our story available anytime. One part of the exhibit will consist of  self-directed tours with historical information that visitors can access on a smart phone. [...]

Feb 9 2015

Ashland Museum – Board of Directors

The Ashland Museum Board of Directors is always a "work in progress". New people are welcomed to our Board periodically as other members have become Advisors, "as-needed"  volunteers, or have stepped away from the project (only temporarily we hope). Our current Board is listed below, as of January 2017. If you are interested in participating in an official or advisory capacity, please get in touch via the Contact page or by contacting one of our [...]

Sep 10 2014

In My Home Town

In My Home Town is a Bulletin for Members of the Ashland Museum.  Our focus is interesting or notable people, places, events or things, and memories related to Ashland, Virginia. Below are links to past issues. To receive the latest issues of In My Home Town as soon as they are published, please visit our Support page and become a Member of the Ashland Museum. Fall 2013 - Ashes over Ashland! The Great Fire of 1893 [...]

May 27 2014

Private Group Tours

Would your group like a private tour of the Museum or a Walking Tour of Ashland? Can't figure out what to do with the relatives this summer? Wedding weekend coming up? Having a family reunion in the area? Need a destination for the next club outing? Or, you just  have house guests in town for a long weekend? Why not get everyone out of the house and over to the Ashland Museum for a Museum [...]

Apr 13 2012

The Red Caboose

Ashland's Red Caboose is a landmark at 105A Hanover Avenue, just across from Town Hall, near the intersection of Rt 54, the railroad tracks and Hanover Ave. This authentic 1926 C&O caboose, in service from Feb. 22, 1926 to Aug. 21, 1974, has much of its exterior and interior in original condition. Read more about the Red Caboose and about how cabooses were used on trains in our exhibit brochure: The Red Caboose – An [...]

Feb 27 2012

Where is the Ashland Museum?

The Ashland Museum is at 105 Hanover Avenue, right next to the Red Caboose. In this space, we are showcasing the rich historical and cultural heritage of our town, Ashland, Virginia. Learn about our Exhibits and Events. Come for a visit to see the Museum and the Red Caboose. Check our home page for hours and updates. We need your financial support and volunteer time to keep the doors open and the lights on. Please [...]

Nov 3 2011

Ashland Museum now has a Facebook page

The Ashland Museum now has a Facebook page. We'll use it to keep our Facebook friends up-to-date on the Museum's activities and new postings on this web site. We hope you'll "like" us soon!

Sep 28 2011

Support the Museum with your Membership

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting the Ashland Museum! Please visit our Support page to learn how you can help the Museum. Your support will help us provide programs, keep the lights on at our Museum space and the Red Caboose, buy supplies to build exhibits and store archival materials, let the community know about the Museum project, and support this web site. Donations to the Ashland Museum, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible as [...]

May 24 2011

Ashland Brand Tomatoes

The Ashland Tomato Farm was operated by W.A. Harrison around the turn of the century on Route 54 east of Ashland, near the Hanover County Cannery. The labels came from that farming operation and date from between 1890 to 1910. The Ashland Museum has come across a significant number of these original, historic labels that were never put onto cans. The labels will be sold individually (suitable for framing) and affixed to the type of [...]

May 24 2011

History of Ashland Strawberry Faire

The Ashland Museum received a grant in 2010 to prepare a history of Strawberry Faire. The video history presentation debuted at the 2011 Strawberry Faire event, Saturday, June 4. This event marked the 29th anniversary of the first Strawberry Faire event, which was in May, 1982. (For more info on the event, visit http://ashlandstrawberryfaire.com/) Copies of the video are available for purchase. Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us form or come [...]

May 6 2011

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Mission Statement The Ashland Museum’s mission is: to acquire, document, protect and preserve, and exhibit the unique physical and cultural history which reflects the story of the Town of Ashland.  The Museum’s additional but not lesser mission is to research, exhibit, promote and publicize the rich historical and cultural heritage of the town for the benefit of residents and visitors. Vision Statement The Ashland Museum will be a vibrant social, cultural and economic centerpiece of [...]

Nov 7 2010

Ashland Museum is now incorporated

The Ashland Museum received its official Certificate of Incorporation on Sept. 9, 2010 from the State Corporation Commission. This is an important step towards application for non-profit status.

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