Mission Statement

The Ashland Museum’s mission is: to acquire, document, protect and preserve, and exhibit the unique physical and cultural history which reflects the story of the Town of Ashland.  The Museum’s additional but not lesser mission is to research, exhibit, promote and publicize the rich historical and cultural heritage of the town for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Vision Statement

The Ashland Museum will be a vibrant social, cultural and economic centerpiece of the town and will be regarded as an entertaining and worthwhile tourist destination. The Museum will be a resource for scholars, historians and educators as well as history buffs. The Museum will preserve and catalog important objects and documents and will use those items to provide educational and cultural programs for the public.

Short-Term Goals – Board of Directors

The main purpose of the Museum’s Board of Directors is to provide management guidance about the direction the museum should follow. Specific goals for this year include:

  • developing the Board of Directors
  • developing working committees
  • finding a location in Ashland for the museum
  • soliciting funding for the museum
  • coordinating outreach to the community through publicity and programs

Long-Term Goals (3-4 years)

  1. To create a vibrant social, cultural and economic center for the town. The museum will be regarded as a destination historical museum
  2. To develop Traveling displays will be located throughout the County
  3. To completely catalogue the museum’s archives which serve as an important research resource for scholars and other qualified individuals
  4. To establish a permanent exhibit: historical homes, businesses, old families etc.
  5. To collect and preserve important objects and documents, transcripts of meetings, photographs, coins and stamps, and historic objects, including, for example, turn-of-the-century immigration records, buildings, and sites
  6. To coordinate educational and public outreach programs, such as tours, workshops, lectures, and classes, and work with the boards of institutions to administer plans and policies
  7. To establish The Friends of the Ashland Museum to further the activities of the museum and provide support in the achievement of the museum’s goals. The Friends are instrumental in organizing fundraisers that provide financial assistance for museum purchases and cultural events
  8. To recruit a dedicated staff of accomplished volunteers to assist in the daily activities of the museum
  9. To establish an Ashland Fire Department exhibit
  10. To hire a paid director and volunteer coordinator
  11. To collaborate with the Hanover Historical Society, to promote Hanover and Ashland’s history, and with the Hanover County Schools to enhance history education