Board with signThe Ashland Museum Board of Directors is always a “work in progress”. New people are welcomed to our Board periodically as other members have become Advisors, “as-needed”  volunteers, or have stepped away from the project (only temporarily we hope).

Our current Board is listed below, as of January 2017. If you are interested in participating in an official or advisory capacity, please get in touch via the Contact page or by contacting one of our current Board Members.



Ashland Museum Board Dec 2014

Ashland Museum Board Dec 2014 and incoming Board members for 2015.

Ellen Wulf – President
Ann Martin – Vice-President
Diane Stoakley – Secretary
John Hodges – Treasurer
Barbara Boor
Jennifer Chambers
Nelson Flippo
Greg Glassner
Alphine Jefferson
Betty LaPlace
Angie Miller
Anne Turner Taylor
Woody Tucker
Jane Wait
Tom Wulf

Lorie Foley
Carolyn Hemphill
Betsy Hodges
Nancy Kackley – website
Sue Watson