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Woodland Cemetery Tours – Spring 2016

WoodlandsignJoin us for a walking tour of Ashland’s historic Woodland Cemetery. Woodland was founded in 1862 as a burial site for Confederate dead.

“What’s new at Woodland?” — Come on the tour and […]

Camp Ashland 2016 – Aug. 1-5

Young girl listening to tin can / string phone.Ashland Museum and Hanover Arts and Activities Center present Camp Ashland 2016, a history camp for all rising 2nd – 5th grader history buffs. Campers will explore how people lived in the 19th and early 20th […]

Ashland Museum Inside Out funded in part by CultureWorks Championed by Altria

The Ashland Museum has launched a new initiative to TrainStation outdoorhistorybring the assets of the Museum into the Ashland community. Initial projects will include outdoor history exhibits, historic markers and walking tours guided by mobile apps. In August, 2015, Ashland Museum President, Rosanne Shalf […]

Grant for New Outdoor Exhibits

CultureWorksAug. 6, 2015. Scott Garka, CultureWorks President, awards a check for $5,350 to Rosanne Shalf, Ashland Museum President, for the Museum’s newest exhibit.  The award from CultureWorks, Championed by Altria will be combined with a CSX grant and other donations to create outdoor exhibits within and adjacent […]

Bringing in a New Century: 1900-1940

In 1900, Ashland became a 20th century town, along with the rest of the country and the world. The new century brought many new challenges and new ideas. Visit the Ashland Museum to explore Ashland’s journey from 1900 to 1940.

Private Group Tours

Museum windowbox Feb2014Would your group like a private tour of the Museum or a Walking Tour of Ashland?

Can’t figure out what to do with the relatives this summer?
Wedding weekend coming up?
Having a family reunion in the area?
Need a destination […]

Ashland Reborn!: 1865-1900

Exploring the Schools, Churches, Residences
and Businesses of the Post Civil War Era

Follow the growth of Ashland in post Civil War era in the museum’s new exhibit. Now on display at the Ashland Museum. 

  • Read about the development of public education in Ashland. See if you can help […]

Documentary Film: “A Railroad Runs Through It”

The Ashland Museum new documentary film about Ashland, “A Railroad Runs Through It: The Unique History of a Virginia Train Town” premiered on Nov. 10, 2012 to great reviews from the audience at Ashland’s Firehouse Theatre. Copies of the video on DVD […]

Antebellum Resort to Civil War Town: Ashland Virginia from 1836 to 1865

The museum’s first exhibit, “Antebellum Resort to Civil War Town: Ashland Virginia from 1836 to 1865” takes visitors from Ashland’s beginnings as Slash Cottage railroad resort to its Civil War experience.  The exhibit includes a display of the Dawson family and the Civil War […]

Volunteering at the Ashland Museum

VOLUNTEERING: We need volunteers! Use our Contact page if you are interested in helping out at the Museum. Below, we’ve listed some of the activities our volunteers get involved in.

  • Help us keep the Museum and the Red Caboose open for visitors, […]

Support the Museum with your Membership

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting the Ashland Museum! Please visit our Support page to learn how you can help the Museum.

Your support will help us provide programs, keep the lights on at our Museum space and the Red Caboose, buy supplies to build exhibits and store archival materials, let the […]