Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events involving the Ashland Museum.

Mar 27 2018

Woodland Cemetery Tours – Spring 2018

Join us for a walking tour of Ashland's historic Woodland Cemetery. Woodland was founded in 1862 as a burial site for soldiers. "What's new at Woodland?" -- Come on the tour and see first-hand what we have discovered using ground penetrating radar.  The location of over 200 soldiers including one Union and one slave were located last summer. Markers have been installed and the area enclosed. Find out about others resting in Woodland: Ashland's [...]

Mar 27 2018

Camp Ashland 2018 – July 30-Aug 3

Ashland Museum and Hanover Arts and Activities Center present Camp Ashland 2018, a history camp for all rising 2nd – 6th grader history buffs. Curious kid campers will explore how people lived in the 19th and early 20th Century in Ashland. What did children wear and what foods did they enjoy in the 1800s and early 1900s? What did they do for entertainment without TVs, Movies, and X-Box? How did they communicate without cell [...]